Research Agenda

Co-directed by George Miller at Altarum  and Mark Fendrick at VBID Health, the Health Care Value Research Consortium will bring together researchers working in health value to collaborate, share findings and develop research ideas to aid decision-makers seeking to address health care inefficiencies.  

Proposed efforts include: 

  • Publish materials to make the case for taking holistic view of efficient cost allocation as an approach to value-based health care.
  • Engage with states, employers, and other payers at the state and national level to help them understand the importance of eliminating low-value care and inefficiency to control costs.
  • Develop a tool to help decisionmakers estimate the size of their budget going towards inefficient care
  • Equip decisionmakers to eliminate use of inefficient, low-value care.
  • Track nationwide spending on low-value care.